I thought you all might be wondering what this all about so here are a few answers...

Well all we know so far is that he is a ginger that hails from a far away land and enjoys spending time upside down, exploring the world in his birthday suit :) And why not!

To raise awareness of Planned Obsolescence and to explore the world in all its glory and wonder in the raw....to make people laugh, cry and smile (maybe even at the same time) and most importantly to make people THINK about this glorious place we live in and what we do to it. There is too much crap consumed and disposed daily in the world and we are slowly destroying it....we need to put things on their head and end this throw away culture we currently live in. The world is spectacular and full of amazement, get out there and explore it as best you can and you will see for yourself.

The first Naked Handstander sighting was in the wonderful Vik, Iceland in May 2009, thanks to a girl named Amanda. Since then many other people have seen him around the world, you too might see him one day :) The Handstanding continues....